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[ferret_users] Text on scatter plot

I am using Ferret 6.1. I would like text on a scatter plot for something like:

yes? let uz = uwnd[z=500,l=@ave]
yes? let vz = vwnd[z=500,l=@ave]
yes? plot/vs uz,vz

This gives a scatter plot of as many points the region includes. Is it
possible that i can write the respective lat-lon coordinates on the
individual points?

This would also help solve a problem related to time-series ie:
yes? let uz = uwnd[z=500,x=@ave,y=@ave]
yes? let vz = vwnd[z=500,x=@ave,y=@ave]
yes? plot/vs uz,vz

Again here i would like the individual days to be written beside each point.


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