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[ferret_users] Problems with curv_to_rect

Dear Ferreters,

I’m trying to work with global hycom data from coaps.fsu.edu. The data are available in curvilinear coordinate, but I want to work in rectilinear latitude-longitude grid. I tried the following:




        FERRET v6.1

        Linux(g77) 2.6.9-22. - 03/26/08



yes? use "http://hycom.coaps.fsu.edu:8080/thredds/dodsC/glb_analysis"

yes? sho dat

     currently SET data sets:

    1> http://hycom.coaps.fsu.edu:8080/thredds/dodsC/glb_analysis  (default)

 name     title                                                   I                 J               K           L

 LATITUDE                                                 1:4500    1:3298    ...       ...

 LONGITUDE                                              1:4500    1:3298    ...       ...

SSH sea surf. height  [60.5H]                        1:4500    1:3298    ...             1:1859


yes? let lonin = longitude[d=1, i=2800:3220 , j=958:1390]
yes? let latin = latitude[d=1, i=2800:3220 , j=958:1390]

yes? ! ! (“i” and “j” are defining an area a little bit bigger than the area defined by axis below)

yes? ! Define output grid and a variable on the output grid 

yes? define axis/x=60w:29W:0.08/modulo/units=degrees xax
yes? def axis/y=40S:10S:0.08/units=degrees yax
yes? let lonlatout = y[gy=yax] + x[gx=xax]

yes? ! Compute the mapping to the rectangular grid, save to a file
yes? let map = curv_to_rect_map ( lonin,latin,lonlatout,0.2)
yes? save/clobber/file=curv_map.nc  map

yes? ! Apply the mapping to the data fields 

yes? cancel var/all
yes? use curv_map.nc
yes? let out_ssh = curv_to_rect(ssh[d=1,L=1], map[d=2])

yes? Save/file=out_ssh.nc   out_ssh 

yes? exit



        FERRET v6.1

        Linux(g77) 2.6.9-22. - 03/26/08


yes? use out_ssh.nc  

yes? shade out_ssh


But when I try to make a “ shade  out_ssh” ferret gives me “ NO VALID DATA”. What is it wrong?. Could anyone help me?





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