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Re: [ferret_users] OPeNDAP error on Fedora Core 10

Hi David,
Try again - that error code is the one that's returned when the OPeNDAP server is offline. The server at Columbia is working for me now.

Here's another address to try, a test file on a server at OPeNDAP.
yes? use "http://test.opendap.org/opendap/data/nc/test.nc"
If you can't get either of these to open, write back and we'll investigate further.


David Wang wrote:
Hi Ferreters,

A recent system update to FC10 (probably) resulted in the breakdown of Ferret's opendap capacity. I wonder if anyone copies the problem or it's rather a local one.


$ ferret -nojnl
        FERRET v6.1
        Linux(g77) 2.4.21-32 - 03/25/08
        10-Dec-08 10:21

yes? set data "http://iridl.ldeo.columbia.edu/SOURCES/.LEVITUS/.MONTHLY/.temp/dods"
 **Internet Data error
             OPeNDAP Error: Couldn't resolve host 'iridl.ldeo.columbia.edu' (OPeNDAP/netCDF Error code 1001)
             Data set: http://iridl.ldeo.columbia.edu/SOURCES/.LEVITUS/.MONTHLY/.temp/dods

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