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Re: [ferret_users] Embed Ferret in Fortran program

| I try to embed Ferret in Fortran program when debugging, here is an example:
| !----Begin Fortran program----------------------------
|          program main  !Fortran call Ferret
| 	integer istep
|             do istep = 1,5
| 	     !----------
|               call system("ferret -nojnl -script plot.jnl")
|             enddo
|          end
| !----End Fortran program-------------------------------
| plot.jnl
| !----Begin plot.jnl------------------------------------
|    use "coads_climatology"
|    fill/k=1/l=1 sst
|    spawn sleep 10s  !pause for viewing and changing the L=2,3,..
| !----End plot.jnl--------------------------------------
| I can change the "L=1,2,3,.." in plot.jnl manually.
| The questions are:
| 1. How to make "L=istep" happen automatically?

You can do this following Paulo's idea: Make your Ferret script accept
an argument indicating the timestep.

| 2. How to let the Ferret window open only once and the plotting keep 
| going with "istep"?

I don't think you can do this, in a simple way. (For the sake
of completeness, I'd like to mention that a named-pipe trick
may work.)  Each time the "system" subroutine is called,
Ferret starts and ends.

But, I recommend you try to exploit Ferret's capability as much as
possible before resorting to scripting using other languages.
>From your description, I guess what you want is

   use "coads_climatology"
   repeat/l=1:5 (fill/k=1 sst; \
     spawn sleep 10s \ !pause for viewing and changing the L=2,3,..


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