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RE: [ferret_users] Contour plot problem--extraneous diagonal lines

Title: Contour plot problem--extraneous diagonal lines
 Thanks, I think I found the problem.  
My data field was sigma-theta calculated from theta and s, with mask values of 1e20 for land.  I had been using the first set of fields to make a mask matrix with values of 1 for land and 0 for water, and using that to set all my 1e20 to 0, then calculating sigmat-theta. 
To my dismay, some of the model output fields were careless in applications of land mask -- the mask from the first field did not necessarily match the mask in other fields!  So some 1e20 were getting through, turning into 1e18 or 1e19 values of sigma-theta.  I had to pipe an ncdump to an output file, then search through the output file for "e" . . . and found these values.  These strange values were causing the odd lines.  When I re-wrote the code with more checks to hop out of the sigma-theta calculation, the lines went away. 

From: Ansley Manke [mailto:Ansley.B.Manke@xxxxxxxx]
Sent: Friday, November 07, 2008 11:41 AM
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Subject: Re: [ferret_users] Contour plot problem--extraneous diagonal lines

Hi Jessie,
Writing you outside the Users List - let's see if we can track down what's happening and then we can report back to the list. We have occasionally had reports of this kind of thing.  It tends to be because of outlying values of the variable. Would it be possible for you to send me a data field that's doing this?  Just save it to a netcdf file and email it on to me if it's not too big (just one timestep/ z level in the file).

Also, what version of Ferret are you running, and on what operating system.


Jessie Carman wrote:

I've got netcdf files of sigma-theta that I'm contouring, and sometimes ferret doesn't close a contour but sends a line shooting off to the upper left--past the boundaries of the graph.  The files "shade" normally and I haven't been able to find any bad data.

Any ideas?

Jessie Carman

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