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[ferret_users] fill leaves corners of the plot blank

Dear Ferret users / developers,

I've run into an old problem with the fill command.  It seems to leave
random corners of the plot blank, as if it's forgetting to include the
data point at the corner of the plot for the interpolation.  There is
an old post in the archives about this where Ansley suggested setting
a bigger data region than the plot window, but this doesn't help.

See http://www.icce.rug.nl/~hein/ferret/ for some samples of the
problem, these were all plotted with the same grid and plot options,
yet the "missing corner" in the right top of the chart is not identical.
The data grid used was that of etopo20.  What I've determined so far:

- the data region is (much) bigger than the plot window, no
  difference.  I tried limiting the window both with region and
  vlimit/hlimit, and also setting smaller limits than the region.

- the effect is "random": for certain specific values of hlimits and
  vlimits it goes away.  

- Other plot options don't seem to matter (palette, set_up, nolabel, etc)

- my data was saved in a netcdf file first, so it shouldn't be an
  issue with variable definitions.

I can reproduce the issue (left top, right top and right bottom corners) with 
just the following commands:

use etopo20
fill /hlim=83w:63w /vlim=28n:38n /lev=20c rose

Kind regards,
     Hein Zelle


 Unix is user friendly. It's just very particular about who 
 it's friends are.

 Hein Zelle                     hein@xxxxxxxxxxx

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