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[ferret_users] set calendar attribute ad hoc

Hi Ferreters,

I was accessing a remote opendap dataset whose calendar attribute is not compatible with Ferret (PROLEPTIC_GREGORIAN). I was trying to set the calendar attribute ad hoc by using SET AXIS/CALENDAR but with no luck. Before going ahead with manually defining a new time axis, I wonder if there is a quick and dirty trick for this. Here is an illustrative example:

yes? use "http://esgcet.llnl.gov/cgi-bin/dap-cgi.py/ipcc4/20c3m/giss_aom/pcmdi.ipcc4.giss_aom.20c3m.run1.atm.mo.xml"
 *** NOTE: calendar attribute on axis "TIME" is not recognized: PROLEPTIC_GREGORIAN
 *** NOTE: Valid calendars are GREGORIAN NOLEAP    JULIAN    360_DAY   ALL_LEAP
 *** NOTE: A dummy axis of subscripts will be used
 *** NOTE: Units on axis "plev" are not recognized: Pa
 *** NOTE: They will not be convertible:
 *** NOTE: netCDF bounds variable definition error
 *** NOTE: Bounds "lat_bnds" must be 2x dimension of lat_59
 *** NOTE: Ignoring BOUNDS attribute
 *** NOTE: unsupported ordering of axes in variable lon_bnds_180
 *** NOTE: The default ordering will be used

yes? set axis/calendar=gregorian `tauu,return=taxis`
 !-> set axis/calendar=gregorian TIME
yes? show grid tauu
 name       axis              # pts   start                end
 LON       LONGITUDE           90mr   2E                   2W
 LAT       LATITUDE            60 r   88.5S                88.5N
 normal    Z
 time      T                 1812 r   1                    1812


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