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Re: [ferret_users] odd number of centered colour levels

Hi Hein,
Thanks for the report. Something may have changed along with with the addition of the new MODE NLEVELS.  I'll check into this.


Hein Zelle wrote:
Dear ferret developers/users,

since a couple of ferret versions I've found that one of my favourite
plot tricks doesn't work anymore: plotting anomalies with palette
light_centered and an odd number of centered levels:

use etopo60
palette light_centered
fill /levels=21c rose

this used to give me an odd number of levels, approximately 31.  In
later versions it seems to result in an even number of levels, see the
attached plot.  I want that center level to be white for difference
plots, so that default is not OK.  The second attached plot shows how
I would like it to look.

Of course it's possible to force ferret to use an odd number of levels
by specifying them manually, but the automatic behaviour was very
practical.  Is it possible to bring this back, somehow?

Kind regards,
     Hein Zelle


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