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RE: [ferret_users] Ferret requirements, RAM or CPU?

Title: RE: [ferret_users] Ferret requirements, RAM or CPU?


After having upgraded my RAM (512M to 4G), I can confirm that fact. Increasing the RAM makes a huge difference in terms of computing time (like for regridding). Thanks for your comments.


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My colleague Stephen Mulcahy blogged about our recent experience while
regridding with ferret... the process was apparently cpu bound but on
closer investigation this was due to thrashing memory. Increasing the
amount of memory made an incredible differnce. Read about it here:

Kind regards,
Ansley Manke wrote:
> Hi Vincent,
> There are probably a number of considerations here. Ferret doesn't
> have anything that specifically lets it make use of multiple
> processors, so unless you're running more than one Ferret job at once
> I don't know that that would have much impact. If you're not getting
> messages about Ferret not having enough memory to do commands, then
> Ferret is not running into limitations there. If you are able to get
> rid of any such errors with a SET MEMORY/SIZE= then this is not really
> a limitation either.  The speed of the processor(s) will of course
> also have an effect.
> Anyone else have comments?
> Ansley
> VINCENT_LEFOUEST@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'd be interested to know what could best improve Ferret execution
>> speed, either more RAM or Dual/Quad processors?
>> Thanks for any advice
>> Vincent

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