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[ferret_users] Bins with frequency_histogram


I want to understand how "frequency_histogram.jnl" computes the number of occurences of a value within a certain bin.  For instance,  in the example contained within the script:

yes? SET DATA levitus_climatology
yes? GO  frequency_histogram temp[X=0:360,Y=0:45N,Z=0] 0 32 0.5
The output lists 1107 occurrences of a temperature of 27.50.  Does this mean that there are 1107 temperatures between 27.00 and 27.50?  To check this I did an ad hoc method:

yes?let test = if temp[X=0:360,Y=0:45N,Z=0] gt 27.0 and temp[X=0:360,Y=0:45N,Z=0] le 27.5 then temp[X=0:360,Y=0:45N,Z=0]

yes?let good = test[i=@ngd,j=@ngd,k=@ngd] 

This gives me 1137 which isn't the same as 1107.  What's going on here and which one is right?

Another note:  when I try running the "frequency_histogram2.jnl" script, I get this error:

**ERROR: command syntax: bin_index_wt(fh_indsort, fh_wtsort, vn+1)
          unknown function "bin_index_wt"
DEFINE VARIABLE/QUIET fh_fbins = bin_index_wt(fh_indsort, fh_wtsort, vn+1)
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted


Stephen R. Guimond
Graduate Research Assistant
Florida State University
Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS)

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