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Re: [ferret_users] .plt to .ps using gksm2ps

Hi Marina,
Try this script. It converts the *.pls to everything. It works great for me.
Just save it --> plt2all
and ./plt2all my_file.plt


# plt2all: Converts plt file to eps, pdf, and png files
# Usage: plt2all file1.plt file2.plt ...
# ------
# J. Orr, LSCE/CEA 25 July 2002
for file in $*
stem=`echo $file | sed s:\.plt::`
# echo "Input, Output files:" $file "," $stem
echo " "
echo "Making from $file:"
echo "---------------------------------------"
gksm2ps -p portrait -l cps -d cps -R -o $stem.ps $file
echo "1) $stem.ps (Postscript)"
ps2epsi $stem.ps
mv $stem.epsi $stem.eps
echo "2) $stem.eps (Encapsulated Postscript)"
epstopdf $stem.eps
echo "3) $stem.pdf (Adobe PDF)"
convert $stem.eps $stem.png
echo "4) $stem.png (PNG)"
echo "---------------------------------------"
exit 0

Marina Chifflet wrote:


I have some troubles to transform ferret graphical output .plt into format .ps, using gksm2ps.

The file .plt is correct, but not the .ps one.

In myfile.ps file, I obtain only 1 or 2 graphs (instead of 4 for example in myfile.plt, using viewports)… or sometime one plot is half-made (only in myfile.ps, not myfile.plt). ???

Do you have an idea of the cause?

(I use large model output files, 1 file for 1 month, so the calculation/graph creation is long and “heavy”).



*Marina Chifflet*

AZTI - Tecnalia / Marine Research Division

Herrera kaia portualdea z/g
20110 Pasaia (Spain)
Tel: +34 943 004 800 - Fax: +34 943 004 801
E-mail: mchifflet@xxxxxxxxxxx

Nidia Martinez Avellaneda, PhD Student
Institute of Oceanography, University of Hamburg
SOPRAN Project, Theme 1

Bundesstr. 53, 20146 Hamburg, Germany

Phone:   +49 (0)40 42838 6104
Fax      +49 (0)40 42838 7471
E-mail:  nidia.martinez@xxxxxxx
Web:     www.ifm.zmaw.de

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