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Re: [ferret_users] climatological standard deviation

Well, many thanks, it works fine.



Le 23 sept. 08 à 08:45, DELCLAUX Francois a écrit :

Hi Ferret users,

I have a montly time series over a several year period.
It's easy to compute a monthly climatology (12 values) using the time axis "month_reg"
from the file "climatological_axes"

Now, I would like to calculate the corresponding standard deviation, ie the 12 values
calculated from the january values, february values, etc.
What's the best way for such a calculation ?



You may use the @MODVAR operator. Something like that :

DEFINE AXIS/T="01-JAN-1840":"31-DEC-1840"/NPOINTS=12/CALENDAR=360_DAY/MODULO/EDGES/UNIT="Year" mois_clim DEFINE AXIS/T="01-JAN-1840":"31-DEC-2409"/NPOINTS=6840/CALENDAR=360_DAY/MODULO/EDGES/UNIT="Year" mois

LET/TITLE="Sea surface temperature"/UNITS="C" sst = sosstsst[GT=mois@ASN]
LET/TITLE="Sea surface temperature, Mean seasonal cycle"/UNITS="C" sst_se = sst[GT=mois_clim@MOD] LET/TITLE="Sea surface temperature, anomaly"/UNITS="C" sst_ano = sst - sst_se LET/TITLE="SST, interannual variance"/UNITS="C" sst_var = sst[GT=mois_clim@MODVAR]^0.5



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