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RE: [ferret_users] Re: volume of watermass

Hi Jaci Brown,
But the thickness (not the z in the data) of the density layer (27.6 to 27.7) will vary with place and time.


Quoting Jaci.Brown@xxxxxxxx:

I think it is better to first integrate then use zaxreplace.
Something like:

temp_iso = ZAXREPLACE(temp_int,sigma,z[gz=isoz])*0+1 ! to make
everything to 1
Let vol=temp_iso[z=27.7]-temp_iso[z=27.6]

Jaci Brown

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Hi all,

let me know whether I am doing right or not.

I changed my tracer (temp) data into sigma levels using ZAXREPLACE

define axis/z=19:29:0.1 isoz
temp_iso = ZAXREPLACE(temp,sigma,z[gz=isoz])*0+1 ! to make everything to

   Now to find volume of a watermass in a specified sigma level
(27.6-27.7), I did following

Let  vol = temp_iso[x=@din,y=@din,z=27.6:27.7@din]

note: I have the proper masking

Am I doing the right?



Hi all,
I have a 3D density data, derived from my model tracers.
Can ferret calculate the volume of watermass between a specified
isopycnal range?

Any suggestions will be a great help.


Praveen V K
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Alberta


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