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Re: [ferret_users] To change the calender type

Hi -
You can do this in Ferret as well, in one of two ways depending on what you're trying to correct.

1) If the calendar in the file is noleap, but it doesn't say that in the file, you can do:

yes? use filename.nc
yes? set axis/calendar=noleap `var,return=taxis`

And then the calendar will be treated as a NOLEAP calendar in the Ferret session, and if you write out the data, the time axis will be NOLEAP

2) If the calendar in the file is gregorian, but you want to interpolate your data onto a noleap calendar axis,
then define the new axis and regrid to it;

yes? use filename.nc
yes? DEFINE AXIS/CALENDAR=noleap/ (add the correct time origin, time range and units)
yes? let newvar = var[gt=new_time_axis]


P S Swathi wrote:
On Fri, 8 Aug 2008, Sheeja K V wrote:

Dear Sheeja,

Use ncatted from NCO utilities.


Hai ferreters,
                 I am Sheeja using Ferret version 5.8 in
Linux(Redhat). I want to change the calendar type in my data
file(netCDF file) which is a weekly chlorophyll data. Means from
gregorian to noleap. Can any one help me

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