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Re: [ferret_users] bounds attributes

Hi David,
Thanks for the report. I do see what look to be correct time bounds when I try this, but the latitude bounds are just missing values. Do a

 sp ncdump sst.nc | more

and look on down the file to see the bounds variables.  I'm looking at another issue with writing out bounds on files right now, so I'll check into this as well. It looks like we need to add attributes on the coordinate variables, and obviously get the correct values written out!


David Wang wrote:
Hi Ferreters,

I lost all the bounds attributes in the output netcdf file with the following sample script. It's not a big issue but I'm simply curious because the manual it's said "all irregular axes are saved with a bounds attribute" and both Y and T axes are irregular. This is in Ferret v6.1 on a 32-bit Linux box.


\can mode verify

set mem/size=512
can data/a
can region

use "http://esgcet.llnl.gov/cgi-bin/dap-cgi.py/ipcc4/20c3m/gfdl_cm2_0/pcmdi.ipcc4.gfdl_cm2_0.20c3m.run2.ocn.mo.xml"

list/nohead (`tos,return=xaxis`).bounds
list/nohead (`tos,return=yaxis`).bounds
list/nohead (`tos,return=taxis`).bounds

let sst = tos[x=120:280,y=20s:20n,l=1:12]-273.15

save/clobber/file=sst.nc sst
sp ncdump -h sst.nc

set mode/last verify

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