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[ferret_users] bounds attributes

Hi Ferreters,

I lost all the bounds attributes in the output netcdf file with the following sample script. It's not a big issue but I'm simply curious because the manual it's said "all irregular axes are saved with a bounds attribute" and both Y and T axes are irregular. This is in Ferret v6.1 on a 32-bit Linux box.


\can mode verify

set mem/size=512
can data/a
can region

use "http://esgcet.llnl.gov/cgi-bin/dap-cgi.py/ipcc4/20c3m/gfdl_cm2_0/pcmdi.ipcc4.gfdl_cm2_0.20c3m.run2.ocn.mo.xml"

list/nohead (`tos,return=xaxis`).bounds
list/nohead (`tos,return=yaxis`).bounds
list/nohead (`tos,return=taxis`).bounds

let sst = tos[x=120:280,y=20s:20n,l=1:12]-273.15

save/clobber/file=sst.nc sst
sp ncdump -h sst.nc

set mode/last verify

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