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Re: [ferret_users] Ferret to access ipcc opendap server

Ansley and Ferret users,

| I tried the URL you gave, and with the newer version of Ferret -I
| tried it with v6.08 and v6.1- both of which translate OPeNDAP error
| messages,
|  **Internet Data error
|              OPeNDAP Error: Error while reading the
|      URL: http://username:passwd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/cgi-bin/dap-cgi.py/
|                 ipcc4/20c3m/mri_cgcm2_3_2a/
|                 pcmdi.ipcc4.mri_cgcm2_3_2a.20c3m.run1.ocn.mo.xml.dds?.
| The OPeNDAP server returned the following message:
| Unauthorized: Contact the server administrator. (OPeNDAP/netCDF
| Error code 1001)
| We'll look into this some more; Ferret just passes the entire URL
| into the OPeNDAP library call to open the file, so I'd have thought
| this would work.

I'm wondering how this issue is going.  I've encountered a similar
problem with a password-protected data.

On a Solaris machine with Ferret 6.08, it works:

        FERRET v6.08
        Solaris 5.8 - 11/13/07
        30-Jul-08 12:48

  yes? set data "http://user:****@apdrc.soest.hawaii.edu/dods/iprc_only/OfES/OFES_0.5_CLIM_MMEAN/u";

[I've masked the username and password.]
On a Linux machine with Ferret 6.10, it doesn't:

        FERRET v6.1
        Linux(g77) 2.4.21-32 - 03/25/08
        30-Jul-08 12:49

  yes? set data "http://user:****@apdrc.soest.hawaii.edu/dods/iprc_only/OfES/OFES_0.5_CLIM_MMEAN/u";
  **Internet Data error
               (OPeNDAP/netCDF Error code 1001)
             Data set: http://user:****@apdrc.soest.hawaii.edu/dods/iprc_only/OfES/OFES_0.5_CLIM_MMEAN/u

I had exactly the same problem with Ferret 6.07 on the same Linux machine.
Since I copied the command line of the window of the Solaris machine
and pasted it onto the window of the Linux machine, there is no possibility
of a typo.


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