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Re: [ferret_users] Publication quality plots


| One more question, I'm writing an article to a paper, 
| paper's publicator says that picture's file size should be 
| over 500 kb due to paper's high resolution (300 dpi), any 
| suggestion how to do it (I gues 100 kb could be enough)? I 
| tried with .gif, but the maximum file size is 28,8 when 
| using SET WINDOW/SIZE=100, increasing the window size 
| doesn't help any more.

Convert the GIF file to a PPM to increase the size (without
increasing the quality)---I'm joking, . . . almost.  The size
of a GIF file isn't a good measure for its resolution.

I suggest that you produce your plot in the PostScript format
and then convert it into a GIF file at whatever resolution
you like.  You can regard the PostScript format as having
infinite resolution so that you can specify whatever resolution
when converting.


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