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[ferret_users] meridional overturning streamfunction

Hey Ferreters,

I calculated the meridional overturning streamfunction from the meridional velocity field of an ipcc4 model using the simple syntax as:

vo[x=@din,z=@iin] ! vo is the variable for the meridional velocity

I compared the result with the pre-cooked meridional overturning streamfunction from the same model output, and found the two have more or less the similar patterns but the FERRET calculation is far more noisy. Now it's unclear to me if the syntax I used is not accurate enough or something else is responsible for the difference. I attach both the script and the plot (the black contours are the pre-cooked, the red ones are computed by FERRET).

Another related question: I also want to calculate the meridional overturning streamfunction for the Pacific Ocean. I have a basin mask file to mask out all the other basins. But I'm very confused by how to handle the Indonesian Throughflow (of a nontrivial transport) when computing the meridional overturning streamfunction.


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