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[ferret_users] problem with 'SAMPLEXY'

Dear Ferreters,
I'm facing a problem with the function SAMPLEXY as I use it to pick out values from a gridded dataset (eg wind speed).

I have xpts and ypts from Jan-Dec and I select the lat,lon points
in 2 ways: 1) Jan-Dec and 2) May-Oct.

The wind values I obtain when I select xpts & ypts from Jan-Dec are different from when they are selected only for May-Oct.
Please see my script below.

1. Why isnt the wind during May-Oct in both cases identical? &
2. Why does the May-Oct selection give me wind data from Jan-Dec?

Am I missing something important while selecting the lat and lon points in time and using it in combination with SAMPLEXY ?


------ script-----------------------------------------------

let xpts_jan-dec = longitude[t="01-jan-2006:00:00":"31-dec-2006:00:00] let ypts_jan-dec = latitude[t="01-jan-2006:00:00":"31-dec-2006:00:00]
let winds_jan-dec = SAMPLEXY(wind,xpts_jan-dec,ypts_jan-dec)

let xpts_may-oct = longitude[t="01-may-2006:00:00":"31-oct-2006:00:00] let ypts_may-oct = latitude[t="01-may-2006:00:00":"31-oct-2006:00:00] let winds_may-oct = SAMPLEXY(wind,xpts_may-oct,ypts_may-oct)

------ script-----------------------------------------------

Sindu Raj Parampil
Ph.D Student
Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Indian Institute of Science
"You don't understand anything until you learn it more than one way."
                                   Marvin Minsky, 'The Society of Mind'

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