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Re: [ferret_users] Calculating relative vorticity

Hi Savin,

I believe you should use @DDC, @DDB or DDF transformations (see description here).

Supposing you are using relative vorticity defined as

zeta = du/dx - dv/dy

in Ferret, you can do something like:

let dudx = u[i=@ddc]
let dvdy = v[j=@ddc]
let zeta = dudx - dvdy

Where zeta is Z-component of relative vorticity, u and v are your wind component variables.

Hope it helps,
Paulo Santiago

2008/6/25 Savin <schand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Dear Ferret users,


I am a new user of ferret... having some difficulty writing codes.


Can anyone please let me know how to calculate relative vorticity given u and v components of wind vector (in matrix form).




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