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Re: [ferret_users] Fwd: time axes problem with ZAXREPLACE in the 6.1 ferret version

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the report. It looks like the change occurred quite some time ago, at v5.80 or v5.81. We'll check into it.


kevin le morzadec wrote:
Hi Ferret Users,

I was using version 5.70 of ferret and I decided to change for the new version 6.1.

Unfortunately using this new version I have a problem using the ZAXREPLACE function. When I use it with the new version I have a problem with my time axes. For example (see figure attached, obtain with the data and script also attached),if I plot the temperature versus time, I should have one cycle per day. I obtained that with the old version but not with the new one.

Does someone know what the problem could be?

kevin Le Morzadec

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