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Re: [ferret_users] 64-bit netCDF support

Title: 64-bit netCDF support
Hi Bill,
Ferret accesses NetCDF files only via the OPeNDAP library, so the question here is the status of OPeNDAP and 64-bit files. We build the OPeNDAP libraries with a flag turned on to enable the netCDF 64-bit capabilities (described here  http://opendap.org/download/nc-dods.html). 

What version of Ferret are you running?  Do you know any example files on an opendap server somewhere that you might point me to for more testing?


Gustafson, William I wrote:

Is there any way to get Ferret to read netCDF files that use the newer 64-bit format? I’m running into these files more lately and, as far as I can tell, they currently cannot be read by Ferret. Some of the more recent super computers, e.g. Jaguar at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, default to the 64-bit format. Also, a change (scheduled to be committed to the WRF repository this week) to the WRF atmospheric model will start producing these files because large domain users have been running into barriers with the older 32-bit format (I’m one of these users :-) ).

If there is no work around, I would like to request that this feature be added in one of the near term Ferret releases.



William I. Gustafson Jr., Ph.D.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
P.O. 999, MSIN K9-30
Richland, WA  99352
Tel: 509-372-6110

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