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Re: [ferret_users] how to integrate within a mixed layer?

Hello Yangxing,

The problem occurs from your (at least) two-dimensional MLD data set. It is not a scalar as ferret says :)

i do not know your horizontal grid, but try something like this to get what you want.

let beg=0
repeat/i=1:1 (repeat/j=1:1 (let end=mld[d=2]; define symbol zz=`beg`:`end`; let heat_mld = heat[d=1,z=($zz)@din]   ))

you other commands should be placed in the double brackets using after all a ";" or a "\". you can save out the result-variable to a new netCDF file by points with this command (placed in the mentioned brackets):

save/file="heat_mld.nc"/ilimts=1:1/jlimits=1:1/i=`i`/j=`j`/append/clobber heat_mld

Cheers, Peter

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