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[ferret_users] PPL xlab fails after PPL axlabp +1,-1

There is an unexpected result in Ferret 6.08, which I don't remember seeing before. I'm wondering if it is a bug. That is, ferret fails to print any x-axis label after a "ppl axlabp +1,-1". Conversely, it works just fine whenever the 1st argument is a "-1" (ppl axlabp -1,-1).

Here is a simple example:

  use levitus_climatology

! 1.1) This works correctly (DEGC is written out as the X axis label)
  ppl axlabp -1,-1
  plot temp[i=30,j=30]

! 1.2) This DOES not work (No x-axis label appears on Top axis)
  ppl axlabp +1,-1
  plot temp[i=30,j=30]

Is this a known bug, or does anyone have a fix for this simple problem (besides manually writing out text with a label command)?

Many thanks,


James Orr
Marine Environment Laboratories (MEL-IAEA)
4, Quai Antonie 1er
MC-98000 Monaco

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