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Re: [ferret_users] illegal limits

Hi Peter,
It looks to me as if the X axis is not marked as a longitude axis, which would wrap around the earth. After opening your sst.nc file, try this command:

  set axis/modulo/units=degrees `sst,return=xaxis`


Seon Tae Kim wrote:
HI all

I tried to do the regression of a x-y data on a 1-D time series data.

use eof_time.nc ! time coefficient of the eof modes computed using ferret
use sst.nc

let p = eof_time[d=1,i=1]
let q = sst[d=2, x=100e:70w, y=-30:30]
go regresst
contour/set/nolev slope

**ERROR: illegal limits: P is not in the range X=99.5:292.5
          Axis extremes are X=0.5:3.5

Could you guys let me know why i faced with this error message?

Thank you in advance.


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