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Re: [ferret_users] monthly average from daily data

Dear Ansley Manke and all,

Thank you so much.


On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 12:35 AM, Ansley Manke <Ansley.B.Manke@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,
I'd just like to add a refinement to what Peter shows in the second case. If you want to define a monthly axis where the coordinate locations are at the center of each month, then follow this example in the Users Guide, on defining a time axis using /EDGES, so the boundaries between axis cells lie at the start of each month, and the coordinates in the middle.


Peter Szabo wrote:
Dear Yadu,
It is a giveaway:
I do not know whether you want climatoligical monthly average (12 data) or time-series monthly average(6 years*12 monthy=60 data), but here is what you can do:

use climatological_axes !you will be able to produce climatological average

use "yourfile.nc"
define axis/t="1-JAN-2000":"31-DEC-2005"/np=2192 newtime   !you should have your time axis in this format, if you already have in it, do not need this line

let var1=yourvariable_in_yourfile[gt=newtime@asn]
let climat=var1[gt=month_irreg@mod]   !this variable will be the climatological monthly average. dimension l=1 will be average of all the six "januaries" in time

define axis/t="15-JAN-2000":"15-DEC-2005"/np=72 monthly !create monthly time-series for 6 years
let monthlyave=var1[gt=monthly@ave] !dimension l=1 is the average of the first month

you should take note of the unit of you variable after averaging, especially when you are dealing with precipitation files!

Peter Szabo

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