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Re: [ferret_users] Problem in producing climatology

Hi Archana,
I agree with David about what the trouble is. One way to find out more about the time axis, is to "ask Ferret".

yes? set data ATM-ECHAMRF1961-89.des
yes? show axis `rt,RETURN=taxis`

This will output several lines of information about the time axis of the variable, and if the calendar is not the default Gregorian calendar, then that information will be listed.  The output might look something like this:

yes? show axis `a,return=taxis`
 !-> show axis TIME_AX
 name       axis              # pts   start                end
TIME_AX  TIME              3653 r   01-JAN-1990 00:00    01-JAN-2000 00:00
T0 = 15-JAN-1901 00:00:00
   Axis span (to cell edges) = 3653

David Wang wrote:
Hi Archana,

A quick answer is, these climatological axes are by default defined on the gregorian calendar. therefore, you have to make sure,

1. there is a calendar (attribute) on your time dimension;
2. it has to be the gregorian.


On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 10:16 AM, archana shrestha <archanamet@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Ferreters,

I am trying to produce the climatology by merging 29
netcdf files using descripter Make_des. However I got
following error. Can anyone help me to solve this?


yes?set data ATM-ECHAMRF1961-89.des
yes? use climatological_axes
 *** NOTE: regarding
 *** NOTE: Climatological axes SEASONAL_REG,
yes? cancel data climatological_axes
yes? let clim_precRF=RT[d=1,gt=month_reg@mod]
yes? let clim_precA2=RT[d=2,gt=month_reg@mod]
yes? let precRF_JJAS=clim_precRF[l=6:9@ave]
yes? let precA2_JJAS=clim_precA2[l=6:9@ave]
yes? fill precRF_JJAS
 **ERROR: regridding: only @ASN regridding between
calendar and
         non-calendar axes: RT

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