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[ferret_users] Polygon command and -gif Ferret option

Hi Ferreters,

I don't know exactly what may be happening, but I believe I found a problem when using polygon command in -gif Ferret executions.

I'm running Ferret 6.08 on a 32 bit Linux PC (Ubuntu 7.10). My go-file has a polygon command to highlight a region (based on lon,lat data of region boundaries) drawing an overlayed shape on my filled map.

I noted that everything works fine when I run "ferret -script myscript.jnl" in bash. However, when I do "ferret -gif -script myscript.jnl", it seems that the polygon command do not worked as I desired.

Does anyone know a solution for it?

Thanks in advance!

Ms. Paulo Henrique Santiago de Maria
Grupo de Modelagem Atmosférica
Departamento de Meteorologia e Oceanografia
Fundação Cearense de Meteorologia e Recursos Hídricos
Av. Rui Barbosa 1246 - CEP 60115-221
Fortaleza, Ceará
Fone: (85) 3101-1106 / 3101-1126
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