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[ferret_users] exact range of subregions

Dear Ferreters,

I have a data set consisting of regularly 5hrly spaced data over a whole year 
and want to save data of a subregion (e.g. march). 
When using e.g SET REGION/T="1-MAR-1997:00:00":"31-MAR-1997:23:59" to select a 
variable over the desired range, the resulting exported netcdf file starts 
one data point before 1-MAR and ends one point after 31-MAR (28-FEB-1997 
23:59  to  01-APR-1997 00:59).

The subregions themselves are set correctly, only the exported data regions 
Most likely the next neighbours are used instead of the exact given bounds 
(e.g 1-APR 00:59 is closer to 31-MAR-23:59 than the last point in March at 
31-MAR 19:59).

Is there a way to force ferret to use exact subregions without regridding (I 
want to keep the original time axis)?

Peter Hoor
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
D-55020 MAINZ

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