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Re: [ferret_users] simultaneous GIF and postscript

Hi John,

| I generate plots with ferret that are then served to a website.
| Usually I make GIF plots (with ferret -gif), because of their size.
| Sometimes I also make postscript plots (with ferret -batch),
| e.g. for publication purposes.  I would like to generate both a
| postscript and a GIF at the same time in one ferret
| session, without having to repeat the calculation.

I don't know how to do that strictly in a Ferret session, but you can
generate GIF files after the Ferret session, using a tool to convert
PostScript files.  For example, I would use a shell script like this

   for ps in *.eps; do
       gif=`basename $ps`.gif
       convert $ps $gif

to convert all the EPS files into GIF.  "convert" is a versatile image
converter that is included in the Imagemagick package.

Now, since we can convert PS to GIF from the command line, we can do
that within Ferret using Ferret's "SP" command:

   yes? SP convert myplot.eps  myplot.gif

for example.

Hope this help,

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