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[ferret_users] Straight lines

Hi ferreters,
       I want to draw straight lines at grid boundries to separate my gridboxes (see attached figure). I have done this by noting the values of
XBOXLO and YBOXLO corresponding to gridboxes and then drawing straight lines at these values using POLYGON command. Is there any way to
draw these lines using I, J indices rather than X,Y values??

 Here are commands I used to draw the lines:

yes? show data
     currently SET data sets:
    1> HEAD_OUT.NC  (default)
 name     title                             I         J         K         L
 HT        Elevation                1:150     1:89      ...       1:1

set reg/I=62:66/J=43:47
Let YT1 = {47.012,47.012,47.105,47.105,47.198,47.198,47.292,47.292}     !horizontal lines (ypts)
Let XT1 = {11.87927,12.55549,12.55549,11.87927,11.87927,12.55549,12.55549,11.87927} !horizontal lines(xpts)
Let YT = {46.919,47.384,47.384,46.919,46.919,47.384,47.384,46.919}      !vertical lines (ypts)
Let XT = {12.01452,12.01452,12.149,12.149,12.285,12.285,12.42,12.42}    !vertical lines (xpts)

shade ht
POLYGON/nolab/over/color=1/thick=1.1 xt, yt, 0
POLYGON/nolab/over/color=1/thick=1.1 xt1, yt1, 0

Thanking in Anticipation

Attachment: gridlines.gif
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