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Re: [ferret_users] format of numeric labels: 2.0 x 10^5 and xfor/yfor ?

Hi Ansley,

| It'd be better if the internal write would just return **** for the 
| format E8.0.  For the Ferret version we have that runs on a PC, it 
| does.  But with the Linux compiler we're using, writing 100000 with
| the format (E8.0) gives back
| " 0.1+0.1" .

I've submitted a bug report to the maintainers of g77 and gfortran.
(Yes, both g77 and gfortran produce wrong outputs with E8.0 .)
They have agreed that the most sensible output is "********".
They will likely fix it for gfortran.  I don't know the current
status of g77 and don't know whether they will fix it for g77.

I mean g77 and gfortran used to be different products. Gfortran is
newer and is supposed to supersede g77.  But, today, g77 may have
already been superseded and may be just another name for gfortran.


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