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[ferret_users] Color/shaded Vectors based on Palette file

Hi Ferreters,
               First of all, i would like to thank the Ferret developers and users,
who made "Ferret" as a wonedrfull tool for climate community and Ferret Users Forum
as an enjoyable place, providing with many challenging questions and quite helpfull
answers. As a reward, this is what i got for you............color_vector.jnl

  There were many discussions about colorizing vector plots and the two options
we have are (1) poly_vectors (written by Ned Cokelet and modified later by
William Kessler) and (2) multiple overlays with /COLOR qualifier. While the
vectors resulting (1) were bit bulky, compared to the default sharp vectors
given by Ferret's VECTOR command, method (2) was bit tedious. The present GO
file (color_vector) is a generalized form of method (2), based on a specified
palette file (sounds cool??) and color/shading levels. However, according to
present implementation, the coloring can be based only on the scalar magnitude
of the vector field. But, there are options for almost all qualifiers to default
vector command. For a quick look, please see the attached figure
(color_vector_demo.gif). Attached tar.gz file does have two scripts,
color_vector.jnl and color_vector_demo.jnl. To know more about capabilities
and limitations of new GO file, please read the header part of color_vectors.jnl.
For usage details and real world examples, please have trial with

  You must have thought that, if we can plot vectors based on a palette file,
why can't we draw contours? Hold on ......

Hope you find this new GO tool usefull. Comments and suggestions are most

Thanks and Regards,


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