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[ferret_users] format of numeric labels: 2.0 x 10^5 and xfor/yfor ?

Hi Ferreters,

I'm wondering if I can learn how the formatting machinery underlying
xfor/yfor works.  For example, outputs like "2.0 x 10^5" isn't
covered in the documentation of xfor:

For example, suppose that Ferret prints "2.0 x 10^5" by default
in the vertical axis of a plot by the PLOT command.  When you specify
"ppl yfor,(E8.0)" , you obtain "0.2 x 10^1" instead of
"2.0 x 10^5" . . . (The value 0.2 x 10^1 is even wrong!)
When you use "(1PE8.0)" , you obtain a correct "2. x 10^5".
The F format descriptor seems to be working as in the Fortran
language, but the E and G descriptors seem to show this strange

The version of Ferret I use is

        FERRET v6.07
        Linux(g77) 2.4.21-32 - 08/29/07
        28-Jan-08 15:35


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