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[ferret_users] The @DDC transformation in contour plots


I'm using Ferret v5.81 on Solaris. I have a NetCDF file containing a variable, swh, with X=1:120, Y=1:240 at 6 hourly timesteps for 1 year. I want to calculate and produce a contour plot of the time derivative of this variable at each point in space. I tried using the @DDC command:

yes? fill swh[l=2:28@DDC]

but received the following error:
**ERROR: dimensions improperly specified: must be a 2D region

If I specify a value of X and Y I can produce a line plot of the derivative:

yes? plot/i=60/j=60 swh[l=2:28@DDC]

Can the @DDC command only be used at a single point? If so, how can I calculate the time derivative over the entire region?

Any help much appreciated,

Kirsty Hanley, PhD student
Room 2U06, Department of Meteorology,
University of Reading, Earley Gate
PO Box 243,
READING. RG6 6BB. U.K. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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