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Re: [ferret_users] Correlation of two variables from two different datasets

Hi Andy,

Are you trying to compute correlations over the same region for the datasets? Maybe you're not using identical horizontal/vertical grids. Can you confirm this? I'm supposing you're using go variance tool to do this job.


2008/1/18, Andrew Cottrill <cottrill@xxxxxxxxxx>:

Dear ferret users


I have been trying to do some correlation analysis between two different datasets, both which I have converted

to identical time axes. I can get a correlation only when I request a single point from each dataset.


There does not appear to be any information on this in ferret pages or previous users (excepting 2002 where a similar question was asked but never answered).

I have read the script under "correlation analysis" but this is of no help.


When the script is run, a bad flag occurs and a error message of  'not equal sizes on the x axis' occurs.


It should be possible to get a correlation between two different regions from two different datasets (such as SST and rainfall over land) ,

 as long as the time axis and intervals are the same for each dataset.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance



Andy Cottrill



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