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[ferret_users] define taxis


   Recently I met a problem in reading mc files. I
suspect my definition of Taxis different from the
model. My definition is just for some missing data for
some days. I compared the Taxis of model  with my
definition by using show axis/T MT (MT is the name for

  the date 24-nov-2003 is available in the model,
yes? show axis/T MT
 name       axis              # pts   start           
 MT        TIME                 1 i   24-NOV-2003
00:00    24-NOV-2003 00:00
T0 = 31-DEC-1900 00:00:00
   Axis span (to cell edges) = 1.5
       L     T                   TBOX      TBOXLO     
          TSTEP (days)
       1>  24-NOV-2003 00:00:00  1.5       23-NOV-2003
00:00:00    37583

  The date 23-NOV-2003 is missing in the model output,
I define it by myself.

yes? show axis/T MT
 name       axis              # pts   start           
 MT        TIME                 1 r   23-NOV-2003
00:00    23-NOV-2003 00:00
T0 = 31-DEC-1900 00:00:00
   Axis span (to cell edges) = 1
       L     T                   TBOX      TBOXLO     
          TSTEP (DAYS)
       1>  23-NOV-2003 00:00:00  1         22-NOV-2003
12:00:00    37582

   Now let's look at the difference. There are two
major differences.

    difference 1: # pts   model defined: 1 i
                                        my definition:
1 r

    what is the meaning here i and r?

    Difference 2: Axis span (to cell edges) =1.5 from
                  = 1 from my definition
      hence TBOX = 1.5 from model
                 TBOX = 1 from my definition

    if I use the command in ferret to return taxis

     yes? say `salt,return=tunits`
    The message is days from model (days is lower
                            is DAYS from my definion
(DAYS is upper case)

    Since I am not familiar with these details, how
can we unify the differences mentioned above? For
example, how can we define a Taxis that TBOX is 1.5
instead of 1

     Also, if we use show axis/all, 
     for # pts, i- appears, what is the difference
between i, i-, r?

     A lot of questions but say "thank you very much"


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