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[ferret_users] the dynamic link problem of netcdf

Hi all,

I am sorry that maybe this is not the right place to ask this question, while I am so confused and spend the whole day to check what is the problem while I failed. The following is my question:

I am using Fortran 6.5 to write a NETCDF file on the Windows Vista home basic system. I have tested the code on XP system and it works well. While when trying to run an executable within the debugger a message box is displayed containing the following error message:

'The procedure entry point NF_PUT_VARA_DOUBLE@4 could not be located in the dynamic link library netcdf.lib'

First I guess maybe due to the version of the lib file is too old and I have tried the new version NETCDF.3.6.2 and it still does not work well. I have not find the the netcdf.lib and netcdf.dll file of the version 3.6.2.

I am so confused and could anybody help me?

Thank you in advance!


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