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[ferret_users] Data Extraction from NWP files

Dear List,

Does anyone have a Ferret script to perform the following tasks? I want to (1) input netCDF files containing archived WRF-NMM, Eta, and RUC numerical weather prediction (NWP) model forecast output, and latitude/longitude values for a particular point, then (2) output the interpolated values for selected variables at that latitude/longitude point. I will process hundreds of netCDF files (literally thousands of calculations) and thus will need to run the script in what I believe is referred to as "batch mode". I have experience running Unix shell scripts and placing them on the cron, but I am not certain how to efficiently run Ferret scripts in batch mode. I have Ferret installed on a x86-64 Linux box running RedHat Enterprise WS3.

Also, the foregoing files are actually GRIB files, yet I plan to convert to netCDF. Has anyone successfully converted WRF-NMM, Eta, and/or RUC GRIB files to netCDF? I know that I can retain the GRIB format and run Arthur Taylor's degrib program (http://www.weather.gov/mdl/NDFD_GRIB2Decoder), and I have done so. In particular, I have run degrib from within a Perl script which extracts selected output from Eta/WRF-NMM GRIB files. However, my data set is several years long and it takes 1 week to process 1 year of data -- too slow! My programming experience is limited to shell scripting.

Also, I was wondering if anyone has a Ferret script that will calculate certain thermodynamic parameters (at specific latitude/longitude points) not available in the aforementioned files. The parameters are (1) Equilibrium Level (EL) height, (2) EL temperature, and (3) CAPE in the -10C to -20C layer. To clarify, the source data are Eta, WRF-NMM, and RUC files containing NWP forecast output, not "sounding" data.


Waylon Collins (Senior Forecaster)
NOAA/National Weather Service
300 Pinson Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78406
(United States)
Telephone: (361) 289-0959

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