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Re: [ferret_users] how to calculate the streamfunction and velocity potential

Hi Hanh - try the script pasted below for the streamfunction. I haven't done the velocity potential. Billy K

On 8Aug 2007, at 2:57 PM, nguyen@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi ferreters

I need to calculate the streamfunction and the velocity potential from u
and v fields, do someone have an idea?
Thanks in advance for your help


! compute the horizontal streamfunction from vertically integrated u and v fields
! note that u and v must occur on the same spatial points (B-grid)
! arg1=variable name for u
! arg2=variable name for v
! arg1=x0 (must be on a gridpoint or set mode interp)
! arg2=y0 (likewise)
! psi=int(y0,y)u(x,y)dy - int(x0,x)v(x,y0)dx
! u=d(psi)/dy, v=-d(psi)/dx
set mode interp
! find y0 and x0
let y1a=y[g=$2,j=1]
def sym y1 `y1a`
def sym y0 `$4`
let x1a=x[g=$1,i=1]
def sym x1 `x1a`
def sym x0 `$3`
! ferret has a problem with blanks and @iin
let ub=if $1 then $1 else 0
let vb=if $2 then $2 else 0
! second term
let t2=vb[z=@din,l=@ave,y=($y0),x=@iin]-vb[z=@din,l=@ave,y=($y0),x= ($x1):($x0)@din]
! first term
let t1=ub[z=@din,l=@ave,y=@iin]-ub[k=@din,l=@ave,y=($y1):($y0)@din]
!! streamfunction
let strmfnxy=t1-t2
let usf=strmfnxy[y=@ddc]
let vsf=strmfnxy[x=@ddc]*(-1)
say x0=`($x0)`  y0=`($y0)`

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