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Re: [ferret_users] how to convert decimal date to date and time

Hi Jaison,
Hi Yogesh,
           To have a better answer to your question, please give the
following basic details :

  1. In 2006.121918, what does the ".121918" stands for? does it mean
      month=12, day=19, hours=18?

      or is it a fraction found by deviding month, day, hour, minute and
      second with the year length and adding together?
 2006.121918 stands for year plus fraction of the year. Fraction as well is year and calculated as you said above.  Each year has 48 weekly steps. 

  2. What is the calendar type? Julian, Gregorian, Noleap ....?
Its observation given in UTC and year is divided in 48 weeks then its  Julian I guess.
  3. What all other variables you have in the ascii file? Please provide
        the first few datalines.
Basically its atmospheric CO2 observed data , and given like:
Time                CO2(ppm)

1993.333333    361.7010

1993.354167    361.0350

1993.375000    360.2820

1993.395833    359.5100




On Tue, 7 Aug 2007, Yogesh Tiwari wrote:

> Hello Ferret Users,
> I have an ASCII file in which one column represents decimal date, something
> like   2006.121918
> I want to convert  this decimal date in equivalent date in the format YYYY
> mm dd hr min sec
>  and write separate six columns.
> Is it possible in ferret ?
> Thanks,
> Cheers,
> Yogesh

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