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[ferret_users] spatial average / regrid

Dear Ferret users,
I have a 3D data set, which I'd like to reduce the horizontal resolution.
the original file is in the grid size:
/i=1:251/j=1:251/k=1:10.  I'd like to take a average for every three i and
j. I used following script:

use 3d_ave.nc
def axis/x=1:251:3 xax;
def axis/y=1:251:3 yax;
def grid/x=xax/y=yax grd

let temperature=temp[g=grd@ave]
list/clobber/file=ddd_ave.nc/format="CDF" temperature

the problem is the new file does not have any valid value at each grid
point. the new variable temperature even can not be listed, only giving the
**ERROR: variable unknown or not in the data set: TEMP[g=grd@ave]

anybody knows what is going on?


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