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Re: [ferret_users] how to draw a straight line on a plot?

PPL ALINE is unreliable, especially when dealing with time axes.

A better way to do this is to use the {...} syntax:

plot/vs/over/nolab/line=1 {100,100},{`bottom`,`top`}

or, to draw several dashed lines at 15-day intervals:

repeat/t=1-may-2004:1-jul-2005:15 plot/vs/over/nolab/line=1/dash=(. 1,.1,.1,.1) {`t[gt=your_variable]`,`[gt=your_variable]`}, {`bottom`,`top`}

Billy K

On 12Jul 2007, at 2:23 PM, jimmyc@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

You can use:
ppl aline/user 1,1,100,1,100


On Thu, 12 Jul 2007, Zibiao Zhang wrote:

Hi All,
How can you draw vertical or horizontal straight lines on a plot? for
example, the I range is 1:500, how can I draw a vertical line at I=100?

This may be a super easy stupid question, but really bothered me for a
while. Please help!


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