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[ferret_users] [ferrret_users] Viewport operations made easy with multi_view

Hi Ferreters,
               Often, the figures we generate in Ferret will have many 
panels and we used to define individual viewports and tune them as required.
This may be one of the most "tedious" process with Ferret. After making a plot
with many panels, even the thought of changing any aspects (like size, spacing)
will be frightening. To make the viewport defining/tuning part easier, I 
started with an easy to use GO file (posted earlier in the list, multi_view.jnl,
see http://ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/Ferret/Mail_Archives/fu_2006/msg00501.html).
Here comes a new version, with an additional feature, "corner boxes" for 
labelling Figures. Now, numbering Figures like a,b,c..., removing white space
between the panels (to save precious journal pages/space!) etc are quite easy.
Figure labels can be in any color, with your desired background (so.... you 
don't have to search any more for white/blank areas (in a color filled plot) to
place the label!). Here is a schematic:

    +---+----------+ +--------------+ +--------------+ +----------+---+
    | A |          | |              | |              | |          | D |
    |---+          | |              | |              | |          +---|
    |              | |              | |              | |              |
    |              | |              | |              | |              |
    |              | |---+          | |          +---| |              |
    |              | | B |          | |          | C | |              |
    +--------------+ +---+----------+ +----------+---+ +--------------+

The Usage of multi_view is pretty simple and straight forward, like : 

    CB --> Corner Box

    GO multi_view [rows],[columns],[xsize],[xstart],[xgap],[ysize],[ystart],

Define as many (equally sized) viewports as you require....place them
wherever you want....tune them as you like.... ALL IN A ONE LINE COMMAND!
Cannot believe it? See the attached gif file and have a trial with the 
demo script ....

For details see the following jnl files in the attached tar ball 
The demo file will show you some specific cases, where this GO file is very 
usefull. A detailed list of known problems and their fixes are given towards
the beginning of multi_view.jnl.

Suggestions/comments are most welcome.


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