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Re: [ferret_users] Spatial FFT

Hi Steve,
I haven't had any reports of anyone putting together such functions, but it would be quite simple to extend the current suite of code to work on another dimension than time. I'd be happy to talk you through getting started if you want to tackle this. It would just be taking the function code and changing loops so they operate over X rather than T for instance, and getting yourself set up to compile external functions.

If you're interested, and if you want a hand, mail me back off-line from the Users Group.


Stephen R. Guimond wrote:
Hello Ferreters,
I saw a post on this topic from JimmyC awhile back but wanted to get an update. I am trying to compute FFT on a spatial domain, actually in curvilinear coordinates to retrieve the wavenumber spectrum of my data. The current FFTA function only accepts a variable on a time axis and not space. Has anyone modified this? I am also looking to input a 2-D curvilinear grid.


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