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Re: [ferret_users] 'use climtological_axes' does work on the command line, but not in a script

Hi Bart,
The climatological_axes data set is included in the directory along with the journal files, for historical reasons (meaning for no particular reason, but that is where it was put long ago). Check in the directories that are pointed to by the environment variable FER_GO and see if it's there. The setup should be that the environment variable FER_DATA points to these directories along with other directories where data files are. Assuming that you have the file climatological_axes somewhere, the answer is to either put it in a directory pointed to by FER_DATA, or change the definition of FER_DATA to include the directory where it is.

The environment variables relating to Ferret can be listed by the Unix command

> Fenv

If for some reason you're just missing climatological_axes.cdf we can send it or you can get it from any of the fer_environment.tar files from the Ferret downloads page.


Bart Strengers wrote:
Dear all,

I am running Ferret (ferret_v507) in a LINUX environment.
When I type 'use-climatological_axes' behind the 'yes?'-prompt, this
command is performed correctly.
However, when the command is used in a script, I get the error message:

TMAP ERR: non-existent or not on line
(.des , .cdf, .nc)arched $FER_DESCR and $FER_DATA for climatological_axes
SET DAT/FORM=CDF climatological_axes

Does anyone know how this could happen?

Bart Strengers

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