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Re: [ferret_users] How to make Ferret running?

Hi Louis,
If you want to run bash, please look at the Installation Guide, for a description of how to install Ferret using a different shell. Here is the paragraph from the Installation guide.

NOTE: The file ferret_paths_template was created using c-shell syntax. For users of either the bash shell (bash) or the korn shell (ksh), there are appropriate ferret_paths_template files in $FER_DIR/bin. Before running Finstall to customize ferret_paths, be sure to copy the correct template file for your shell to ferret_paths_template. If you are using a completely different shell, use ferret_paths_template as a guide to creating a template customized for your specific Unix shell.

louis Vonder wrote:
Dear ferret users,
I recently install Ferret on my Ubuntu  Edgy (6.10).
I have follow all which say in installation guide.

But when I am trying to use it I have the following error message:

 The FERRET environment has not been properly set up.
  (The environment variable FER_DIR is not defined)

  Have you executed "source your_system_path/ferret_paths" ?

When I type  source your_system_path/ferret_paths
This error appear

bash: ferret_paths: line 89: syntax error: unexpected end of file

The contain of my  ferret_paths i given by the following:

# ferret_paths_template    11/91 & 4/92
# Template for setting up the FERRET environment
# updated for FERRET version 3 2/93
# Mod 10.93 *jd* fix for SunOS LD_LIBRARY_PATH
# Mod 03.94 *jd* for XGKS - remove reference to ATCgks
# Mod 05.97 *jd* add AIX-required environment var XLFRTEOPTS
# *jd* 4.27.99  - add FER_WEB_BROWSER
# *jd* 4.27.99  - add FER_EXTERNAL_FUNCTIONS
# *kob* 5.99 - change dir for FER_EXTERNAL_FUNCTIONS

# If you are installing FERRET for the first time at your site we ask
# that you please notify us with an Internat mail message to
# ferret@xxxxxxxxxxxx [] (or call Steve Hankin at (206)526-6080)
# - no strings attached.  Please specify if you would like to be on a mailing
# list for FERRET updates.
# Modify this to suit your system and place the result as file `ferret_paths'
# in another directory set up to hold login initialization scripts.
# `/usr/local' is the suggested choice.
# Users of FERRET should include the command
#  `source /usr/local/ferret_paths'
# (or wherever you have located the ferret_paths file) in their .login file.
# The environment variable FER_DIR should be the pathname of
# the directory named `ferret' you created to install the FERRET software.

# You may want to customize the pathname of the `ferret' directory:
     setenv FER_DIR /usr/local/ferret

# The environment variable FER_DSETS should be the pathname of
# the directory named `fer_dsets' you created to install the FERRET program.

# !!!! You must customize the following line:
# This directory will contain FERRET demonstration data files (30+ Mbytes)
     setenv FER_DSETS /home/.fer_dsets

# System Manager: Check this PATH modification for your system security.
# If you prefer not to modify PATH here you may comment out the following few
# lines and execute the file $FER_DIR/bin/install_ferret_links wich will
# create ferret links in /usr/local/bin.
# This logic will replace any previous $FER_DIR in PATH so this
# file may be sourced repeatedly in a single session
   if ( $PATH !~ *ferret* ) then
        echo appending ferret path
       setenv PATH {$PATH}:$FER_DIR/bin
        echo replacing ferret path
      setenv PATH `echo $PATH | awk -F: '{for (i=1; i<=NF; i++) {if ($i \!~ /ferret\/bin/) {printf "%s:",$i}}}'`
      setenv PATH {$PATH}$FER_DIR/bin
# *** end of PATH modifications
# =========== Initially make no modifications below this line ===========

#  Default Ferret document browser
   setenv FER_WEB_BROWSER "netscape -ncols 60"

   setenv FER_EXTERNAL_FUNCTIONS "$FER_DIR/ext_func/libs"

   setenv FER_GO        ". $FER_DIR/go $FER_DIR/examples $FER_DIR/contrib"

   setenv FER_DATA      ". $FER_DSETS/data $FER_DIR/go $FER_DIR/examples $FER_DIR/contrib"
   setenv FER_DESCR     ". $FER_DSETS/descr"
   setenv FER_GRIDS     ". $FER_DSETS/grids"

   setenv TMAP            "$FER_DIR/fmt"
   setenv PLOTFONTS       "$FER_DIR/ppl/fonts"
   setenv SPECTRA         "$FER_DIR/ppl"         # for old ferret versions
   setenv FER_PALETTE       ". $FER_DIR/ppl"       # palette search list

# SunOS uses shared libraries
if ( `uname` == SunOS ) then
   if (! $?LD_LIBRARY_PATH) then
      setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH "/usr/openwin/lib"

# Mod for AIX Ferret users -- needed for namelist reads
if (`uname` == AIX) then
   setenv XLFRTEOPTS namelist=old
   setenv LANG C

# Faddpath tool to add another path to the search lists quickly
#     usage: Faddpath new_path
alias Faddpath 'if \!$ != Faddpath setenv FER_GO "$FER_GO \!$"; if \!$ != Faddpath setenv FER_DATA "$FER_DATA \!$"; if \!$ != Faddpath setenv FER_DESCR "$FER_DESCR \!$"; if \!$ != Faddpath setenv FER_GRIDS "$FER_GRIDS \!$"'

What can I do to correct this error?


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