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Re: [ferret_users] reverse the colorbar

Hi Soenke,
            Please see this mail in the archive, which has an 
answer to your question :




On Thu, 26 Apr 2007, Sönke Heyen wrote:

> Dear Ferreters,
> is there any possibility to reverse a vertical colorbar ?
> In my case,  I`m plotting a Hovmueller diagram, showing the
> temporal development of potential density in the upper  ~1000m
> at some  specified region.
> To get the z axis right:  set axis/depth z_ax
> Everythig works fine, except the colorbar is in
> opposite direction compared to the increasing density with depth.
> I tried to set the ppl shakey `orient` attribute to -1 and to
> reverse the /levels qualifier to ($ppl$zmax,  $ppl$zmin, (-)delta)
> but both didn`t changed the direction of the key.
> Kind regards
> Soenke

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