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[ferret_users] Ferret 5.70 Palette error

I tried to plot some data using the attached grayscale file. When I do this I get the following to work:
set mode metafile:plot.plt
cancel mode metafile

sp Fprint -o plot.ps plot.plt

However, when using this command, it fails with an error from ghostscript:
sp convert plot.ps plot.eps

Yet I cannot view the result of the Fprint command.

So I tried without specifying a palette. Everything worked just fine. So, Have I done something wrong in the grayscale.spk (attached) file?

Any advice, ideas are welcome. Thanks

James Correia Jr.
Ph.D. Candidate in Agricultural Meteorology
Former President: ISU Graduate Meteorology Club
Dept. of Agronomy, Iowa State University
Email: jimmyc@xxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 515-294-9870
Web: http://bruce.agron.iastate.edu/jimmyc/
ISU GMC: http://www.stuorg.iastate.edu/gmc/
"There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path"

"Wisdom. Strength. Courage. Generosity. Each of us are born with one of
these. We must find the other three inside of us."
from "Into the West"

"What have you lost? Control? It was an illusion ... you only thought you
had it! What have you lost?    *My illusions.*"
-From the movie "Instinct"
    0.0  100.0  100.0  100.0
   10.0   95.0   95.0   95.0
   20.0   90.0   90.0   90.0
   35.0   82.0   82.0   82.0
   45.0   76.0   76.0   76.0
   60.0   69.0   69.0   69.0
   65.0   70.0   70.0   70.0
   80.0   90.0   90.0   90.0

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